Thoughts on My Annual Existential Crisis

8 Jul

According to a very good book that I am currently reading, every problem in my life, with people, with jobs, comes directly from my personality type. Dear friends, your Katie, whom you thought was so unique, is a text book example of the creative personality (which sounds strangely arrogant “poor me! I’m SOOO creative!” but bear with me, I’m really not so bad!). My randomness, everything, not so unusual. I’m normal for what I am. But let’s not dwell on that part. . .I just read something truly funny, well, my thoughts were funny.

“. . .If you are not sure what kinds of perceptual experiences give you the most pleasure, flip the question around and think about about the kinds of ugliness that most distress you. . .”

I paused to consider. . .What distresses me. . .and, no joke, the first thing that pops into my head? O’Possums. Really. I hate them. They are disgusting. The worst part about an o’possum? The wormy tale. And the fact that they look evil. I really don’t think that they provide any type of service or environmental benefit. O’Possum can be equated with the phrase ‘modern day nephilim’ if you ask me. . .

And it was in that moment that I found my true calling. . . Starting tomorrow I will rid the world of o’possums. . .


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