A Practical and Obvious Idea. . .With Mad Apologies to Tiffany

19 Jul

When planning an event, it is always a good idea to send paper invitations to people who hold a special place in one’s heart. When you receive an invitation to an event, you should do the following:
1) Read it
2) Comprehend it
3) Write the information in your planner
4) RSVP (This does NOT include telling the host “Maybe”. “Maybe” is noncommittal. “Maybe” prevents the host from planning for enough chairs and food. “Maybe” is the cop out of busy people everywhere and a HUGE annoyance to anyone who has ever planned a party)

If you happen to lose your invitation, call the host and not only RSVP, but also reconfirm the information. This will ensure that you know when and where the party will take place.
This weekend, in a shockingly uncharacteristic display of “Katie Losing Her Mind,” I completely forgot to do all of the above for a very dear friend of mine. Please learn from my mistake!
PS: Tiffany, I am so going to make this up to you. Just wait! You will be soooo pleased! 🙂


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