A Word or Two on Your Upcoming Court Date

26 Feb

If you ever should find yourself in a situation that requires a trial I have one very valuable peice3 of advice for you: Your court date is not the day to wear your head to toe St Louis Cardinals outfit*.  It is highly encouraged that you wear a suit or perhaps just a nice shirt and tie.  You should also instruct your lawyer that while you approve of his snazzy dress in a normal every day setting, you would appreciate it if he would leave his pimp hat at home for your trial.

I f you are a female, today is not the day to show the world your LBT** or your trampstamp.  Instead, it would be adviseable for you to wear something a little on the conservative side. (Think turtleneck and pants)

I am sure that many of you are wondering how you will express yourself or make a statement about your individuality with the above guidelines.  The answer?  Let your lawyer make your statements.***

* Or really any type of sports gear.

** LBT is a lovely abbreviation for “left boob tattoo”

***Unless, of course, your lawyer is wearing a pimp hat.  Then, you should get a new lawyer.


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