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Fitness Tip

1 Mar

A few months ago I had to stop running.  I know, right?  I love running.  I love the pain, the grit, the challenge.  It. is. AWESOME.

But sometimes we humans become aware of our frailties and find ourselves unable to continue an activity we enjoy.*  The result?


When I finally got back into the gym, I discovered something amazing.  Sure, my leg strength was about that of a baby duck’s, but my arms were amazing.  I actually had to up my weights.

How in the world does one stay out of the gym for three months and end up with Herculean upper body strength?

I left out a small detail.

I got a dog.  I got a mastiff.  And he does not walk nicely on a leash.

He is a 90 pound shake weight on a  rope.

So if you find yourself to be a weakling, go adopt an adult mastiff.  He will force you to get stronger or die.**

* I have since recovered from my leg problem and am nearly back up to speed.

** I really do not advocate adopting a giant breed dog solely for building upper body strength.  It’s just a fun benefit of owning a mini-cerberus.