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Gym-ish Things Part 2

25 Aug

It was a day like any other.  I went to the gym.  I started my typical Interval Run of Doom.  I realize that some of you aren’t familiar with interval running, so let me explain.  Interval running is a very mean thing to do when your body complains too much.  It is an excellent way to build endurance, improve heart health, and as a bonus, it will scare any cellulite into smoothness.  Really.  My fat cells shrink with fear post run.  While it is an extremely challenging work out, it keeps your brain interested and you always have the ‘carrot’ of a one minute interval of walking post sprint.  I typically warm up with a thirteen minute run at a moderate pace and then I do intervals of three minute run, one minute sprint, and a one minute walk for about an hour.  It’s not something you should do every day, but it sure does mix up your work outs nicely.

Anyways. . . So it was interval day and things were going beautifully.  Ipee the Ipod may or may not have been playing “My Humps” and the world was a happy place.  My sprints were on fire, my legs were taking it like a champ, my breathing technique was great and my insanely heavy hair was even staying in place.  And then, something weird happened.  A lady got onto the treadmill next to me and began to slowly trudge away. . . while talking on her cell phone. Her conversation really didn’t bother me, really, I don’t care, it was odd but none of my business.  I went on my merry way walking, running, and sprinting.  When all of a sudden, she gave me a withering look, turned off her cell phone and stomped away.  Um. ..   Ok, I realize that a sprint is technically loud, but lady, you are NOT in your living room.  You are in a  gym.

Perhaps I am old fashioned, but is it too much to request that we not insist upon talking on our cell phones at every single moment?  There is no way that I will ever think that her anger towards my workout was justified.


The Beauty that is Self Control

4 Aug

So. . .I was out of town and out of the land of regular high speed internet access for about a week and a half and thus unable to update.


Today was voting day and I have one observation regarding this, and perhaps we can all use it to better ourselves.

Stay in control of your frustration at all times.  When it comes to dealing with people, react slowly.  Think.  Breathe.

A year or so ago I had an encounter with a nameless politician.  It was less than pleasant.  There was yelling, there were threats.  Supervisors were called.  By the end of it, I only knew one thing: I would never vote for this particular person.

Today, when I went to vote, this particular politicians name was on the ballot.  I theoretically agree with his politics, but all I could think of was his character.  I definitely voted for the other candidate, whom I have never met.

The lesson here is about stability and remaining constant at every moment.  I don’t know whether this guy is going to get elected, but the fact is that when he thought no one was watching he behaved terribly.

You don’t know who is watching you.

You don’t know when they are watching.

Just be kind.